Reported for Playing Ivern....

Ok I went into a normal game today hoping to have some fun, I end up in the jungle role and decide to play Ivern. The early game was going pretty fine and all, then our Lucian disconnected. So our thresh requested help so I went down to bot and he went ad thresh and I supported. Our illaoi started telling me "why would you play Ivern hes useless.." which confused me because I thought in a NORMAL game you had the right to play whatever you want heck, a few games ago I went ad Azir and my team was fine with it. Then they started telling the enemy team "report ivern for playing ivern and trolling", which I wasn't trolling. Then the rest of the team ganged up on me and tldr, we lost the game. It disturbs me how these people got up me for playing a champ whos apparently useless, which I guess Ivern isn't that great at the moment but like I said before its a NORMAL game. (Sorry for making you read a novel).
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