ill be updating my riot support card in this discussion

00SHOTS00 April 2nd 2019, 2:52:34 pm Those links are for the last 8 games i played last night. The 8-14 trolls in those games are the result for my out-burst and because i said something this account that i have spent well over $10,000.00 on is now perma banned.. Is this league of legends now? you guys care more for things said than peoples actions but even with a request you wont ban chat for people who are aware of what they are like? So explain this, ATLEAST explain this for me - how am i meant to react after 8 games of torture? - i had a break - i ate - i went to the toilet - i laid down with my partner - i tried everything between those games and you want made me tick the box (If you 1) have absolutely no negativity in your reform card, 2) would like more information on how to deal with others' abusive behavior and tips to avoid tilting, or 3) would like to better understand what sort of behavior can get you a penalty and why, you're in the right place!) - explain how i am not meant to tell someone they are dumb when i've tried everything else and wasted all my time. for someone who has spent well and truly over the amount, to have all of their accounts treated like shit since I've verified them all with 1 email is such a poor act on a business behalf. call me paranoid but those 8 games are clear as day that you guys have put me with trolls and the rest only. i have reported them, i have tried being nie, what else am i to do riot?
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