Should I quit League of Legends?

Please no troll comments as I actually will look at EVERY comment and decide whether I should quit or not. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently, I am a low elo player. I have had countless games of supports with support items. I have had countless games of people inting. And I have had countless games of people chasing for kills and thinking they can 1v5, when really we could just end the game. How has League evolved into this mess? Can people actually try to play the game instead of ruin it for others? Why is Riot not doing anything? Why is it that I stay positive despite the situation (sometimes even /mute all), yet people still stay "Report so and so for flaming"? I have barely said anything to start a conversation??? (Barely anything as in shotcalling, eg "Care bot, their jg." or even "Just stay behind minions so Blitz finds it harder to hook.") Give me some reasons not to quit League, as I am done wasting my time with mindless games.
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