Id like to talk about how shit riots banning system and how non dedicated they are to their players

So im typing this forum because as of recent im really sick of this stupid game and how riot says that they look into the gameplay of people and see what the game is and actually look at how people play and ban people because of Intentionally feeding and because of how negative attitude or griefing is in the game but not once have i seen anyone get a ban for feeding or making the game shit or the evironment healthy for players in the league of legends community. I have got 2 accounts banned in the last week because of me being toxic and for "verbal abuse and harrasment" yet in those 2 games i had to stand up for myself because my whole team was flaming me in the last game i played which was about 5 minutes ago and i had to defend myself because i tried to help the team and play nami support my jg mid and top were all feeding and none of them received any penalty that i know of but i swear or curse once and riot goes nope get perma banned. It is so fucking unfair on how this happens and that i swear once in game and riot has to instantly ban me but people feed and i try carry them and i pay the price because im toxic to the environment. Riot fix your shit and explain to me why this game is cancer
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