Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

Hello all, Normally I would let stuff like this go but this type of thing bugs me all the time. When it comes down to it, League is a team game and I like to be a nice guy and help the team most cases, usually I have no complaints. Sometimes I do very bad and I thank others for being patient with me. Sometimes one of my team mates does really bad and I don't go at them for it, everyone has bad games and my getting angry with them won't 'suddenly make them play better.'. BUT, One thing I really do dislike is when a team member completely ignores their own team or thinks themselves above the team to such a degree they justify their not helping merely because someone is not doing very well. In all cases, one side will eventually lose lane, it is up to laners to try to win or at least hold their lane and it is up to junglers to shift the tides of the game either through different strategies or ideas, but most importantly ganking. Once again I've just had a game where my lane was not doing so well, Our jungler ignored his team completely, his first gank was at 18:48, I know because at this time I and my support had died under tower. The whole team was somewhat disappointed that he had not assisted the team in any way. He'd spent the whole time farming, of course this gave him a little bit of an edge and he managed to get kills but when our top laner said in all chat that he should of ganked more. The enemy team and him both said that quote his 'shit team of feeders' wasn't worth ganking. the jungler then pretty much sided with this enemy team and allowed the game to be thrown. Most of the time I let this shit go, But I have a question. Do people even care about teamwork? Do people even care about being sportsmanlike?. If you want, Share your experiences, thoughts or opinions, I'm open to criticism.
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