I got banned for abusive/racist language when I my self am of multicultural heritage

Sp0okyDisco: do you spell ? Sp0okyDisco: why go so agro without me ? Sp0okyDisco: %%%%%%%%%%% ni hao Sp0okyDisco: I cant understand your accent heim :/ Sp0okyDisco: I cant understand your scribbles :/ Sp0okyDisco: XD Sp0okyDisco: Why do you assume %%%%%%%%%%% means chinese thats pretty racist :/ Sp0okyDisco: cao ni ma ? Sp0okyDisco: I say hello to you in my native language and say I cant understand english well and you call me racist Sp0okyDisco: wow thats rude Sp0okyDisco: But I am multicultural Sp0okyDisco: ?? Sp0okyDisco: owo Sp0okyDisco: why are five people scared of one kog ? Sp0okyDisco: ... Sp0okyDisco: lol Sp0okyDisco: typing it ? I understand perfectly well that racism is inexcusable and every one has the right to play without fear of hatred or bigotry but nothing I said was terrible I my am of Chinese decent and I was just poking fun at my self and another player and I had no malicious intentions when I wrote this. I understand that it can be taken far more seriously by other people but I haven't even received a warning for this sort of language before so I was curious as to why my account was banned till the 20th of February ? and if there is a way to appeal my ban q_q

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