Riot bans - Disappointing

Hi Community, I feel as though recently, league of legends has been banning me purely with checking the chat and not the gameplay. I called someone a retard and swore a few times (f, s,) and I got a 10 game chat ban. Then I stopped using those words and I called our jungler a retard because he was trolling and it was clear as he was stealing farm and running into enemy turrets and I get a 14 day suspension??? That's just dumb in my opinion, team started flaming me and provoking all the time for him stealing my cs had put me behind. It has been a very disappointing experience with Riot Games so far and I feel like quitting as there have been too many teams that brought me down with trolling and rage quitting, etc. I am brought down simply because 1 person decides to afk or troll. The other 4 play well but 1 person decides to troll and the whole team gets affected and loses. Thanks for reading, A very disappointed player
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