Do You Guys Think My Permaban Was justify

Last Month my account was permabanned for this : Game 1 In-Game Lilc9: gg Lilc9: outplayed Lilc9: OUTPLAYED Lilc9: YEAHG Lilc9: SO Lilc9: SMD Lilc9: OUTPLAYED Lilc9: SO OUTPLAYED Lilc9: ITS UNBELIVEABLE Lilc9: U Lilc9: MAD Lilc9: BRO Lilc9: ? Lilc9: nah Lilc9: U MAD Lilc9: ROFL Lilc9: NICE GANKS BTW Lilc9: JK Lilc9: SMD Lilc9: :D Lilc9: XAYAH MAD Lilc9: DAMN Lilc9: SMD Lilc9: LIKE YOUR DAD LAST NIGHT Lilc9: JUST BECAUSE ITS GAY? Lilc9: DAMN U STUCK IN 1800S Lilc9: OR SOMETHING Lilc9: ITS 2019 Lilc9: WHYIS OUR MID AND JNG ATTACKING A TANK? ( i was duo with mid (and jng i think it was a long time ago)) Lilc9: LIKE THE Fk? Lilc9: YIKES Lilc9: SO OUTPLAYED Lilc9: BETTER BOT LANE WINS Lilc9: GG Lilc9: BETTER BOT LANE WINS Lilc9: JUST HOW IT BE Lilc9: sTFU Post-Game Lilc9: HOW THAT UO YA Lilc9: TRASH Lilc9: SO TRASH Lilc9: U MAD Lilc9: LMAO Game 2 In-Game Lilc9: stfu Lilc9: nice ks Lilc9: i fked your mum last night Lilc9: so waht? Lilc9: so lame Lilc9: thanks draven Lilc9: gg Lilc9: better bot lane wins Lilc9: just how it be Lilc9: just how it be Game 3 In-Game Lilc9: stfu Lilc9: your mother is whore I sent a tickek to appeal the ban and they replied with this: Hi, there I understand that you want your ban to be changed, but unfortunately we are not going to change it nor lift it. I know that having players that aren't on the same skill level as you in your game might be really frustrating and sometimes feel unfair. But that doesn't mean you have to verbally abuse them and be negative in the game. Even though you were not the one who started it is not a good idea to answer with the same tone, because it leads to negative atmosphere in the game. The reasoning behind why your account got the permanent suspension is already explained by Blitzcrank Bot, as seen in your chat logs. Keep in mind that the escalation of the punishment depends on the severity of the offence , meaning that it can skip to straight 2 weeks suspension and then a permanent one. Game 1 - "[All] Morgana: LIKE YOUR DAD LAST NIGHT" - "[All] Morgana: JUST BECAUSE ITS GAY?" Game 2 - "[All] Morgana: i fked your mum last night" - "[All] Morgana: stfu" You see this is not cool to them, since is sexism. And I see that you understand for the rest. Just to clarify that 1 game is enough, but your suspension is based on 4, which is enough to be punished for. Keep in mind that writing a lot of messages in the game can be seen as frustrating and distracting. The in game chat feature was made to let people have efficient communication when trying to make a strategy. Therefore using the chat to spam "report" and personally attack a specific player is something that has a negative impact both on that one person and on all other players and this is a thing that we do not tolerate. We are trying to make you realize the negative impact which these words have on the other players by giving you this suspension. We give a lot of chances to players to moderate their behavior in a positive way. Like a 2 weeks suspension right before this one. As, you continued to show the same attitude we were left with no choice, but to proceed with more harsh punishment. Now, I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for and I am sorry :/ Best regards, Tino Riot Games Player Support "Life is the main story, dreams are the side quests. Write your own story line." - Me 2019 "Zombie" - official cover by "Bad Wolves" They claimed like that im in 0.006% players negative enough to permabanned if saying "i fked your mum last night" the most negative thing ever... then im sorry for being toxic:(
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