Bring back tribunal

I remember A little while ago where their was a tribunal in north america when I played on that server for some od reason I chose NA rather then oce but I really think it needs to be brought back as there is so many people in oce that abuse and insult their team mates over petty little things for example this player [removed] who I was recently in a game with told me to "stfu %%%%" and I was useless and a heap of other insults all because I kept dying in a 4v5 while she was vi jg and was just farming and not ganking. I find it very annoying having to play games with toxic players it really ruines this whole game. I feel as bringing the tribunal back could possibly reduce these type of players as they will know. they will be punished rather then getting away with it over and over again. Riot please take this into consideration as I really think it will help.
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