Afking = ok?

So lately, as a whole, i'll have an afk because "MUH BOREDOM" or "MUH SHOWZ ON" or some other stupid reason. I'll report it. Nothing. BUT, and here's the kicker, if I wanna leave because i've been flamed or have an ADC trolling because "LULZ ITZ BRUNZ/SALVERZ" im punished while the flamer gets away with being a piece of crap. Yeah, I know, I "complain" (I don't get how calling out people out is bad. I mean, you dont call a spade a fork do you? Spades a spade.) a lot. But this is ridiculous. Seriously. Why is trolling, ruining games, flaming, afking, abuse and all that crap ok for others, but as soon as someones over that in 1 game, they're a god damn tyrant? Just, think about that before the down votes and replies. (lel, who am i kidding, in this community? Higher chance of being gifted a skin I want from a random than people thinking something through). Just some food for thought. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} INB4 ABUSE THE DUDE WHERE HE AINT LYING.
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