14 day suspension, bypassing the 25 game restriction

Hi you all I generally am not super toxic, i generally hold my tongue. However as seen below i had a horrible game, and my team were toxic as. Game 1 In-Game orgastae: GJ orgastae: WE WIN orgastae: LETS WIN orgastae: GG orgastae: the fuk orgastae: ffs orgastae: i tried to help u orgastae: not myu fault orgastae: LOL orgastae: he legit only just left orgastae: gg orgastae: i hjate wukongs orgastae: wukong is broken orgastae: legit orgastae: clone clone clone clone orgastae: fuk off %%%%t orgastae: afdk orgastae: not putting up with %%%%ts orgastae: enjoy your stupid game orgastae: fuk off orgastae: rammus orgastae: you suck orgastae: u wanker orgastae: ]and ur salty as fuk orgastae: lol orgastae: im quitting orgastae: because you dont deserve the fuking win orgastae: afking orgastae: because orgastae: this rammus is salty orgastae: mate orgastae: your playing wukong u %%%%t orgastae: pyke orgastae: this rammus doesnt deserve this win orgastae: so im afk orgastae: i get ill be reported orgastae: but its worth orgastae: i refuse to play with dick heade orgastae: ill play if you report rammus orgastae: report rammus and ill play orgastae: better orgastae: hes a cutt orgastae: %%%%tt orgastae: ff orgastae: f orgastae: f orgastae: f orgastae: ff orgastae: g orgastae: g orgastae: gg orgastae: hes fed orgastae: i quit orgastae: arg orgastae: im so tilted orgastae: idc orgastae: wukong is fuking 7/1 orgastae: fed as fuck orgastae: this jungler is crap orgastae: its game orgastae: please orgastae: im bored orgastae: if i went jungler orgastae: we would have won orgastae: by now orgastae: rammus is stupid orgastae: you realise wukong is not a mid lane champ? orgastae: mate i know he is trash orgastae: but he is strong orgastae: and broken orgastae: he can clone every two seconds orgastae: thats how i lost orgastae: i also lost coz of jg orgastae: our jg is trash orgastae: wt orgastae: gg orgastae: feel free to report me orgastae: i dont give a fuk orgastae: NOW IM AFK orgastae: bye orgastae: ive been stunning orgastae: u idiot orgastae: nobody follows up orgastae: i want to play but not with retards that flame me orgastae: ggwp orgastae: just end orgastae: pre much orgastae: i know you are akali orgastae: but jg is shitt orgastae: gg orgastae: report jg orgastae: this is legit jgs fault orgastae: justy push a lane maybe lol orgastae: does it matter? orgastae: we lost anyways orgastae: not my fault my jgler is a cunnt orgastae: gg orgastae: report rammus orgastae: he is so bad orgastae: if he was good orgastae: mid woulda been better I got a 14 day suspension, Bypassing the chat restriction... why?? I get the restriction is justified and all that but why??
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