Legitimately Banned, I just want one more chance please.

OK, so I was Permanently banned and probably for good reason due to some toxic behavior in game which I completely understand and agree with the restriction. However I don't get why a permanent? I mean I paid a fair amount of money to riot for skins, champs, RP etc, only to have them revoked. I Did have a 2-Week suspension about a two months ago, and have only ever had a 20 minute timer for 5 games once during that time and now. Now during the last two matches i was a little bit toxic yes, which is why i agree with the suspension. But i DID try to stop myself by muting my team. Only to unmute and apologize for my toxicity. Here are the chat logs. "Game 1 Verinity: great Verinity: just great Verinity: ur support Verinity: im the adc Verinity: u dont get kills Verinity: gg Verinity: fuking stupid support arfnt ya Verinity: lol Verinity: least i was doing something Verinity: u stood in bush doing nothing Verinity: at all Verinity: useless Verinity: useless Verinity: ggwp Verinity: report amummu Verinity: lol, you chose amummu support Verinity: he cannot support Verinity: plus he stands there doing nothing Verinity: fuk sake u stupid support Verinity: ' Verinity: why the fuk do you focus their support? Verinity: ggwp guys Verinity: report amummu Verinity: lol Verinity: ur shiit Verinity: ff at 20 Verinity: i seriously have the shiittest suport oce Verinity: and he fuking roams Verinity: whatever useless person Verinity: wtf Verinity: wtf Verinity: meh Verinity: its basically a loss for us because fuking noobs Verinity: lol Verinity: :/ Verinity: idiot Verinity: meh Verinity: would like to say how stupid this amummu is Verinity: stole my kill Verinity: and btw i had that kill Verinity: gg Verinity: cunnts Verinity: \ Verinity: how dumb are you guys? Verinity: havn't won a game todAy because i get noobs like u guys Verinity: i didnt feed Verinity: its this amummu Verinity: coz u stole kills ammumm Verinity: u stole my kill b4 Verinity: u did man Verinity: fine Verinity: afk1 Verinity: gg Verinity: what Verinity: i give up on this %%%%t of a team Verinity: i mean Verinity: i get a stupid support Verinity: who steals my kills Verinity: and then the rest of the team feed Verinity: gg Verinity: af Verinity: afk Verinity: im afk Verinity: because Verinity: this useless team Verinity: can do nothing but moan and complain Verinity: what do you do when your team are noobs and cant do anything? Verinity: lol Verinity: only reason im afking is because of you guys Verinity: this stupid support Verinity: is 5/2 Verinity: ksing everyonge Verinity: muting u all Verinity: please ff Verinity: see what i mean? Verinity: a complete bunch of noobs Verinity: idc if i get reported Verinity: i cant do anything coz i cant ever get a good support Verinity: plus the team are fuked Verinity: i normally have fuking decent games Verinity: with draven Verinity: but when u get an amummu support.... Verinity: oh please guys Verinity: you guys cannot win this Verinity: idc Verinity: i really dont Verinity: im not fuking bad Verinity: cunnt Verinity: settle this 1v1 e Verinity: bad game, plus bad teammates Verinity: hehehe Verinity: idc Verinity: this team reall;y deserves to lose Verinity: np Verinity: i might deserve to lose this coz of salt, but honestly Verinity: im tilted because i never get a decent support Verinity: always get the fucked up ones Verinity: give me one reason i should play with noobs Verinity: he stood on ur shrooms Verinity: twice Verinity: ik Verinity: im not saying bad Verinity: teemo has been salty towards me Verinity: hasnt Verinity: look, on normal games with a normal support, i can carry a game Verinity: and your just implying ur silver? Verinity: good ill afk to make it fair? Verinity: meh Verinity: i think after this game ill carry myself to silver Verinity: report me for being so tilted and salty Verinity: i dont like being tilted Verinity: please ff Verinity: please Verinity: wow Verinity: wow Verinity: report ur teemo Verinity: for melting me Verinity: xD Verinity: look guys Verinity: sorry for being a salty and shiit fuk but this is a horrible game for me sorry :( Verinity: can you guys please forgive for me being saly? Verinity: can you forgive me for being slaty? Verinity: i rock Verinity: im so good Verinity: XD Verinity: can we end this quick Verinity: i need toilet Verinity: so fucking bad Game 2 Verinity: im a noob.... Verinity: forgot to change my masteries over to poppy Verinity: pantheon is going to be hard to go up against Verinity: yes, but poppy into pantheon Verinity: gg Verinity: ssee what i mean.. Verinity: poppy cant mid.. Verinity: or bot Verinity: oh ok Verinity: dw Verinity: watevs i can beat panth, i just got ganked Verinity: wow Verinity: so much damage Verinity: andd i do none Verinity: i choose adc and mid Verinity: and the fuking game places me top Verinity: i mean wtf Verinity: wowwoeopwqowowow Verinity: fuckk this Verinity: i cant Verinity: brand idk how u can do better top but go top Verinity: nope i suck Verinity: as i saidf Verinity: i never chose top Verinity: i didnt even pick top Verinity: som1 go top Verinity: i cant lane against him Verinity: wolw Verinity: i cant even do this Verinity: wtf can i do? Verinity: i cant play poppy Verinity: i cant Verinity: wow Verinity: gg Verinity: idk wat to do. Verinity: i never wanted top for this reason Verinity: gg Verinity: see what i mean? Verinity: i cant play top Verinity: but the fuking game chooses me top when i didnt choose it Verinity: we have lost Verinity: gg Verinity: dont ask me Verinity: i CANT play top Verinity: i diddnt even pick top Verinity: yet Verinity: it picks it for me Verinity: adc Verinity: and mid Verinity: thats it Verinity: poppy mid? Verinity: poppy can jg Verinity: and top thats it Verinity: gg Verinity: we have lost Verinity: they double our score Verinity: idc about this game Verinity: im out :( Verinity: ive had enough Verinity: trying Verinity: but Verinity: no fuking gold Verinity: its gg anyway so i dont care Verinity: what i dont get Verinity: is why you guys think we can win at this stage? Verinity: im learning poppy in normals Verinity: poppy is weak Verinity: fuk off Verinity: wtf was that Verinity: nevermind Verinity: i didnt... Verinity: well gg Verinity: sorry Verinity: but i give up Verinity: nothing i can do Verinity: whatevs idc, im reporting riot for giving me a position i didnt want Verinity: then ill get ganked and die Verinity: i dont get how we can win Verinity: see? Verinity: she melts me Verinity: and i got armour Verinity: gg Verinity: this team" I'm only asking for one more chance at this game, I honestly dont care if i can never chat in game again. I am sorry, for all the toxicity I have caused. If there is any way i can have my account unbanned I'll gladly accept the consequences for it. I don't want to beg, so if you guys at riot cannot accept this sincere apology, then ill gladly just back down. All i want is a chance to play some good games.
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