The Power Of Words

"KYS" "Your life has no value" Kill. Your. Self. Just slowly read that over, let it sink in. Human life resorted to losing at a game creates this response towards other human beings. Created people, with emotions, thoughts, a story of who they are. Its not just venting, its not just words, its a painful phrase of words. Because someone is doing poorly in a game, the response is this? To end your life? You have no value? Again read this all slowly, let it sink in. Rage comments, like aggressive speech against your opponent I can understand. Hockey players will check each other into boards, in the gaming community tilting is similar to this. Aggressive speech I believe is essential part of the game, know when to use aggressive words to call out a opponent can tilt them further making it easier for your advancement. After all this is a sport, conflict is the name of the game. But to treat other human beings with such disdain to use such words against a PERSON like 'Kill yourself' is ABSOLUTELY disgraceful. The level of pain some words carry, is severe. Enough is Enough. Human life rather in a game or otherwise, has value. So here is what I propose. Anyone who utters these "death" phrases, not only should they be permanently banned from the community, but also have their account traced and make it possible for actual real life charges to be handed out. Uttering these words out in public WILL get you charged. There are consequences for every action especially for uttering such hatred. There are REAL consequences to the words and actions you do against others. RIOT, here is what I propose: Work with Law Enforcement, and catalog such offenses to bring justice. Mental Health is a serious issue. Human Beings are of value. I would even say "to NOT act is to give permission for this behavior" and I know for a fact it is possible for a law suit to be filed against such a environment that encourages such use of hatred, all one has to do is start digging for such a outcome. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It's Not A Joke. I am a 30ish year old man, who plays games in his downtime and enjoys the mental stimulation of face past games. League of legends teaches one allot, it increases mental reflexes and forces one to work part of a community of strangers to achieve a winning goal. League of legends is a sport in my mind, and it does teach and train the mind to work with others to a outcome that is desirable. I would even say that in the corporate world such games like league of legends could even be used as a team building exercise. Reason for stating this? To give merit to my mental state and maturity, I aint some kid writing this. I am seriously considering about taking this a step further, and going to the legal community to raise awareness in games like these about this kind of issue. Its not a joke Its not just words Hate speech and promotion of violence against other human beings is unacceptable behavior and is IS PUNISHABLE by legal standards. To the gaming community: Enough is enough, laugh this away if you want, flood this with insults and the like, as I know some of you children will do. To any moderators that come across this message, please inform the higher ups that certain individuals like myself will seek legal action of some kind when it comes to this level of hate speech. It is punishable by law, and justice for people will not be denied. I myself am not worried when someone tells me to 'kys' I am worried for the 12-14 year old who is going through a harsh time in life when they read those words. I have seen and heard of charges for manslaughter going through if such a horrible outcome was to happen. Your words carry weight, your actions will always be judged either good or bad. Live in a world without consequence all you want, doesn't change the fact that the law does exist. In and outside of games. There is a line where joking or harassment becomes hatred and violence with cruel intent. There is a difference between aggressive sport behavior and violent words and conduct.
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