I got banned for just calling a person a kid and being a LITTLE salty

I don't accept getting banned still, I was called a stupid bitch by this morgana for going in late, I was still at base in aram and then i called the morg a kid and then she was insulting me the whole way, I didn't want to be a chicken and mute them, That was my bad but that is still rude of him/her to call me a stupid bitch, I was in base and walking to the group fight, They started without me and i came in late and then the morg called me useless so did the gragas and then i afked and told the gragas, I won't fight, Cuz i didn't want the morg to blow its head out and then the gragas said ''HAHA ZOE WE DON'T NEED YOU WE WON THIS FIGHT CUZ U WEREN'T HERE'' And then i didn't fight nad then they got salty at me for not fighting? Like make up your mind Game 1 In-Game BubblegumBish: lag BubblegumBish: xD BubblegumBish: lulu is shitt from close range BubblegumBish: if anyone can get close to her she is fuckked BubblegumBish: WTF BubblegumBish: HOW BubblegumBish: wat BubblegumBish: ._. BubblegumBish: ffs i can't play with fake nails on BubblegumBish: gay asf BubblegumBish: such a pain to play with long nails BubblegumBish: ddis thot BubblegumBish: why BubblegumBish: is the water BubblegumBish: purple BubblegumBish: ?? BubblegumBish: my god dis is atually gey BubblegumBish: ffs syndra does so much BubblegumBish: I need to kill dat god amn syndrome BubblegumBish: syndra* BubblegumBish: ;-; BubblegumBish: wtf BubblegumBish: is this BubblegumBish: gayness BubblegumBish: stfu BubblegumBish: i was still walkin htere BubblegumBish: Never said i could raging 5 year old UwU BubblegumBish: Raging child BubblegumBish: Oh so its better to be afk? alright BubblegumBish: :) BubblegumBish: i guess i can't play BubblegumBish: as this morg says BubblegumBish: I don't want to trigger the child BubblegumBish: the child is already triggered enough BubblegumBish: I can't let his head explode BubblegumBish: It isn't? BubblegumBish: I'm just helping this morg calm down BubblegumBish: never said you did? BubblegumBish: my god this team is salty as UwU BubblegumBish: Kid i never said i needed to BubblegumBish: As said salty BubblegumBish: Its called letting morg calm down BubblegumBish: Then tell them how you called me a stupid bitch when i was still walking and you guys just started the fight BubblegumBish: Weak BubblegumBish: mhmm.. Post-Game BubblegumBish: Well sorry 'stupid bitch' callin kiddo (The morg called me a stupid bitch) I was saying that syndra does alot of dmg for 200 ap and i do no dmg so i got a lil salty, I had acrylic nails on which pissed me off i snapped my middle fingers fake nail off and then it was soo painful, And im used to writing syndrome cuz my uncle has a syndrome which he is, Yeah i can't say cuz i'll start crying ;-; I was saying why is syndras q water ball purple and not blue cuz i remembered it was blue, And i just said child, I didn't swear say the rude words and things...Sooo ye...I calle syndra a thot cuz i was a LIL salty that she does SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more dmg then me, And i do no dmg
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