Ban appeal

So I'm in pre-game, and someone bans the champion I was hovering. And, you know, the only reason this could ever happen is because the world is out to get me. So what do I do? I decide I'm taking Mid. I can't Top any more, my champion got banned. I tell my Mid laner, "Oi, I'm going mid." The Mid laner - the bloody nerve - tells me, "In your dreams." Well, at this point, I'm a victim, and justice dictates that I be given Mid, whether anyone likes it or not. So I pick a mid-suitable champion and go to the lane. The belligerent little poo who was supposed to go Top continues to troll me by duo laning with me. Riot, please do something. Why are the toxic people let off the hook and the innocent, infallible, suffering and noble victims like myself being punished?
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