First Offence: 14-Day Suspension

So this is the first time i have actually been punished for something behavior related and i get a 14 day ban. Yea i was toxic as fuck but don't they usually start with chat restrictions/bans before actual game play bans. Game 1 Pre-Game Darkweava: no In-Game Darkweava: stop hitting the creeps wtf Darkweava: kys retard Darkweava: fuck off %%%% there pushing and your fucking my cs up Darkweava: kys Darkweava: lol sup hitting creeps fucking me up blames me for missing cs Darkweava: rakan is fucking up my csing and then flaming me Darkweava: lol Darkweava: im still here Darkweava: waitng for gold Darkweava: see i cant cs cause my sup is a retard and keeps hitting them Darkweava: so i need to wait for gold Darkweava: retard sup who autos cs Darkweava: omfg holy shit Darkweava: can you fucking see what your doing? Darkweava: stfu liss i gotta deal with this retard Darkweava: HES HITTING MY CS YOU RETARD LISS THEN FLAMING ME FOR MISSING THEM Darkweava: lol dude you ran off and inted mid not like i can cs then Darkweava: retard Darkweava: cant take the flame dont start the flame Darkweava: lol sure Darkweava: 5 deaths at 14 lol Darkweava: toxic sup rip Darkweava: rakan flaming non stop so gg Post-Game Darkweava: damn if only rakan didnt troll and flame early Game 2 In-Game Darkweava: did you not see me roam mid why did you pick a fight noob? Darkweava: kat was pushed Darkweava: it was a gank with karth and hec on kat wtf where you watching Darkweava: yea stfu Darkweava: enjoy the 1v2 noob Darkweava: and you inted noob Darkweava: i was roaming you play safe noob Darkweava: dont fight 1v2 Darkweava: but you did twice lol Darkweava: so bad Darkweava: nah im roaming to get kills Darkweava: pick a fight 1v2 die then flames the sup lol Darkweava: lol your a noob who flames other people to make up for he own mistakes Darkweava: see how im not flameing you for dieing there? Darkweava: but you flame me when you die 1v2 lol
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