Completely Random Perma-Ban for Botting

What's up guys? Fist time post here, and not or a good reason. After years of playing this game always on the same account i came back +/- a week ago with my cousin to grind some duo ranked games after a year break. Yesterday I was playing as normal and just got message ingame saying my account was locked , went on my e-mail and I realised that I was getting banned for "botting" purposes. So, answering the obvious questions, i don't use bots or anything like it, i don't share my account/account info or any 3rd party programs. The only thing different on my account from a few days ago is the amount of games done per day, obviously, and a different pc/internet provider. So I was wondering that anyone that has passed through the same situation could help me getting my account back by telling me what can i provide so that i can prove that I'm not actualy botting. Thanks you guys!
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