Called my perma banning whilst flaming a trolling support who my team agreed was trolling, why am I

So I had been 14 day banned early december and I knew this account was on it's last legs so was not flaming but in my diamond promos from new season and my support and I have a disagreement on how we should have played level 1 and I ended up dying for firstblood, so I played extremely passive and waited at turret for the wave while they froze it for about a minute and my support saw this as trolling so he decided to troll the entire game. I'm very tilted and calling this guy out anyways I knew I was gonna get perma banned but I would just like the one who actually tried to lose us the game to also be punished because I believe what he was doing to be worse but I'm the only one who gets punished since only I typed. Chat log: Snippet of me calling it:
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