OK Riot wtf is this. I got perma-banned off one game, one game where sure I might I have so unsavory things but enough for a perma-ban, are you serious? Plz tell me where in this one game i deserve to be banned for thats what the support poppy said last game before doing nothing but feeding most games atm are lost in the first 5 at this elo I think so but does it matter neither can stop nasus farming both have high mana cost this early you mean cause im not stupid? it was a 3v2 NASUS useless idiot i am can you not look at the map stfu you the one that picked into him so dont blame me NASUS plz report nasus report this fucking nasus and tf plz nasus for afk and tf for being a toxic child who cant play based on what ? thats hes a toxic child who cant play? hes saying shit like i have downs trist stfu it was lost so why fight for something we cant win so im toxic for saying drake was lost and time was spent better somewhere else ok got it tell osme tell someone that cares kid thats called an afk top and toxic mid bg all thx to tf and naus Nasus
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