Was I really toxic?

>playing game with lvl 13 friend, he just started playing league again >just some normals >I end up picking Talon mid, friend goes Jax top >We load in and I see that there is another Talon mid >We have the same skin and everything >At the start of the match, the Talon boasts that he is "going to demolish me" >End up killing him at Level 3 >Flash my Mastery 6 Emote every kill I get (not just on the Talon) >End up snowballing and end up going 12/1/3 by the time we finish the game >Talon says in the end game chat "Report your Talon for being Toxic' I don't really see if I was toxic or not, I only spoke "GLHF!" at the start of the match and those were the only words that left my mouth that match. Was I considered toxic for flashing my emote every kill I got? I mean, isn't that what you use them for? Anyway, an answer is much appreciated!
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