THe amount of Bots in this game

Riot, why are there so many fucking bot in coop vs Ai. Every game I play it has at least one in it, and this isn't an exaggeration, i can bet my life at least 90% of the games played in Coop Vs Ai has bots in it, so instead of banning people for things like mmr boosting and reworking items that are fine, which are just a minority of people because not everyone has money to do it, why don't u try and fix the game for newcomers that on get bots in the game, honestly when are you going to step up and start doing something about people using bots to level up their accounts, isnt that basically like mmr boosting somebody playing on your account??????. the amount of players in game that are bots is ridiculous, also before you say why don't you play normals or aram, the queue times are extremely long, kinda like a diamond or challenger queuing up for a game. So what are you doing to prevent this riot??????

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