How to Start Reforming?

I just got 2 week suspension from this game the day 7.9 hit :(. Seeing as it's a 2 week suspension it's my final chance to try and reform until i get perma'd. A lot of the toxicity I have is when i get really, REALLY tilted from nothing going right in the game. I hadn't had a punishment for a while then suddenly i got a 2 week suspension so I'm guessing it was something big that I did from the chat logs. People say that "Just follow the summoners code" is the right way to go. And while in some ways true, it's a pain to read through it all, it's hard to remember those things in a heated argument or when extremely tilted. I got my ban on the first game i played today at around 5:30 (when it ended) and so it was quite a shock to see the suspension. I'm sad now but I'm looking to see what I can do while i wait for the agonizing 14 day wait to play league again. It's gonna be hard. :( Tell me strats i could use to not get tilted so much I think is what I need. It's not so much that I'm toxic from the get go as can be seen by my chat logs (recently) where i'm generally supportive and trying to create a healthy enviroment. It's rather that when nothing is going well and it's really aggravating. Send help. Also send games I can play in the meantime while I wait.

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