As a proud homosexual

I have to speak up about the problems of HOMOPHOBIA in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. A lot of people are saying certain derogatory terms and such towards me in game. When I proudly tell them I voted yes on gay marriage first thing when I load in. They all start being really really TOXIC and then it makes me super depressed to the point I almost consider suicide. I try to tell them to stop because I am considering but then they just tell me to do it. WOW! WHAT THE HECK! First and foremost guy on guy love is probably way more pure than whatever you have you little keyboard warrior. While you are flaming me in game I am carrying my team to victory holding the banner. In fact I would like riot to add an emote like the white flag one but RAINBOW. Then I imagine me running out of the jungle coming for you TOXIC HOMOPHOBE. It will be a drag once I tag you for a goldbag, you will claim lag but really have nothing but rags compared to my flag MY FLAG MY GAY PERSON FLAG! (still thinking on a name for the emote) Pls seriously Riot haha good work so far banning these people but we need more done haha pls like and leave suggestions ty also add me on league of legends and we can erp and I can carry you with my jg.
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