Chinese rampancy needs to be dealt with - ASAP

This is a request from the whole of the Oceanic community that play League of Legends. First off let me not, this is not directed or intended to be racist of any kind. With that being said. We are tired of the Chinese rampancy happening in solo queue at nighttime. Not everyone gets to play League throughout the day, and when we play solo queue at nighttime in the lower elo, it's filled with Chinese players that: a) Don't care about the game. b) Will start running it down if a single mistake is made during their laning phase. c) Will unnecessarily flame you for no good reason, and they'll do in their native language and get away completely scot-free. d) Will take your assigned role without any given notice. It's starting to make this game extremely unenjoyable to play, and even harder to climb. I'm constantly having to make new accounts to get my MMR higher, but everytime I try, I'm always encountered with this crap. This needs to stop. And it needs to stop now. We're tired of it.
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