Reports are useless

I'm wondering as to why reporting people is useless? Over the past month or so, I have encountered quite a few toxic players. I was actually playing an ARAM with 3 of my friends and a random, anyway please believe me on this one because it's ridiculous. Basically, the enemy team was poking our team down, and I'm pretty sure that aside from our caitlyn (the random) we were all melee so it's not like we had massive poke to retaliate. Anyway, caitlyn almost dies because she's taking all of this damage, and then she starts flaming us in the chat, telling us that we're useless and that we should afk. We pretty much call her out on how silly she's being, and then she starts feeding! She runs into the enemy team for a solid 8 minutes before "playing properly" but still feeding obviously because of how behind we were. All 4 of us reported her, and nothing was done about it. No notification to let us know that she had rightfully been punished. I just don't understand why riot doesn't do anything about these people who are blatantly breaking the rules, for whatever reason. If you're having a bad day, please don't play this game. It doesn't help you or your team mates. I just don't even see the point of reporting players any more because out of my 3 years of playing this game only 2 people that I have reported were actually punished. 2, out of literally at least 50 people that I have reported. 50 justifiable and valid reports, and 2 are dealt with. What gives?
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