Introducing the Emissaries

Hey everyone, Welcome to the Player Behavior board! I’d like to introduce the Emissary program. We’ve set up this group up to allow players we’ve identified as deeply knowledgeable about our behavior systems to reach out to their fellow players, providing information and helping address questions and concerns you guys bring to our attention. Emissaries are volunteers, not Rioters, so there are some things they can't do (no pulling chat logs or lifting bans, sorry!), but they are ready and willing to help you find resources and become more familiar with Riot's player behavior policies. If you’ve been warned or banned through one of our PB&J systems (LeaverBuster, report frequency warnings, etc.) or just have a question, the Emissaries are here to work with you! Current Emissaries are; Sera’s Dragon Tele HeartVine Q: I want to help! How can I join the Emissaries? We’re always on the lookout for potential Emissaries, but we do so with the mentality that actions speak louder than words. If you’d like to wear the badge of an Emissary, show us that you can do it by continuing to help answer the questions of your fellow summoners in a friendly and professional manner. We’ll be watching!
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