literally perma banned after 1 bad game

so, i made a new account to lvl up and play some ranked with fresh mmr, i payed for all 4 boosts, (50 win xp boost, 3 day xp boost, and the same for ip) i played for roughly 12 hours, for 3 days in a row, i was doing really well, helping newplayer along the way, defending new players from the barrage of insults from the rest of my team, almost every game this happened, (when my games weren't filled with lvl up bots that is, which was almost every game btw you need to fucking do something about that riot.) so, i'm lvl 28 almost finished, i get into a normal game, wait for my team to pick roles, then i filled in the jungle, i start top side. the lux top with a name like 828nhnbnf3nd, (a bot account i found out later in the game that is the mid laners account) which i didn't know at the time so i asked lux multiple times for help on krugs, i was completely ignored, minions came and she went ahead and started farming, i tried to solo the camp and died (obviously) i was instantly flamed by my bot lane and mid. of course i defended myself and actually got quite mad, (as anyone would in my position) i have just been completely ignored my my top lane, then died to jungle then get flamed by my team, normal games don't normally effect my mental state at all, but i felt like i was being completely mistreated and attacked by my team unfairly, after a few messages back and forth between my team and me, i decide to not play the game out due to further mental stress as i have some problems (ones where i am not forced to work and am advised to stay indoors by my government, i am payed for this, not much but enough to live) so instead of just leaving the game which would have been the right thing for me to do, (and i wouldn't be banned either if i did smh) instead i stayed in the game because i needed to exp, and i just kept defending myself as i felt like i was extremely mistreated by my team, also after trying to defend myself in all chat because my team were all trying to get me reported 9 times, the other team didn't like the fact i was trying to get my point across, and all agreed to report me after game. the result of this was me being perma banned for being toxic after 1 single game, if this isn't bad enough, not a single real person saw the game or even the logs, it was the result of a program automatically perma banning me because both team disliked me from 1 game where i said some mean things to kids on the internet, 1 game, i'm honesty in shock, i've been sat here for the past 2 hours trying to contact riot support, i'm just so shocked they could do this to someone after 1 game, this can't be fair seriously? am i the only person this has happened to? i don't know what to do anymore honestly, like, fuck.
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