Is this really "toxic"?

So basically the only things i said in this game which could be considered toxic are "guess ill take all ur jg minions" (which i didn't and its not even toxic) and "get a life loser" after someone was constantly harassing me all game. if that is toxic than the pg-13 rating on league should be lowered cause 13 year olds definitely would not classify this as toxic. The reports are busted someone can duo with another person and double report you and you can report someone but they wont get banned but you will due to the reports no matter if the other person actually was flaming or trolling. Busted AF report system that just bases it on the number of reports rather than the actual content of the game. **Pre-Game** PandaazAP: odd112 got jg PandaazAP: ill take all ur jungle minions if u dont give odd112 jungle PandaazAP: aighty ill take all ur jungle minions then PandaazAP: sounds ogod In-Game PandaazAP: you think they will come to our wolves you spastic LOL PandaazAP: y PandaazAP: teemo lemme come and just hit garen once PandaazAP: i needa get my darkin trasnformation ll PandaazAP: fs PandaazAP: ffs PandaazAP: nvm i got it PandaazAP: teemo why didnt u go for him lol PandaazAP: yeah but i pinged cause i was helping ;P PandaazAP: ok buddy wont come to ur lane no mroe then PandaazAP: cause "i dont give 2 fucks" in the words of warwick PandaazAP: cause i wanted to jg? PandaazAP: what do you mean lol i just said i wont gank your lane anymore cause u want ww to gank u PandaazAP: how is that pissy i am doing exactly what u asked PandaazAP: lol i said "ok buddy i wont gank you lane anymore" PandaazAP: if u take it in an angry way thats not on me man <3 PandaazAP: how can i be sarcastically saying i wont gank ur lane lol what was i gonna do? just continue to gank ur lane PandaazAP: just leave it bro PandaazAP: stop being so petty PandaazAP: reported for verbal abuse <3 PandaazAP: thanks breh PandaazAP: gg PandaazAP: and thresh? PandaazAP: ok PandaazAP: hey im not feeding anymore guess im not that bad :P PandaazAP: gg wp Post-Game PandaazAP: toxic? PandaazAP: please report ww called me trash and verbal abused me all game and i got a better score than him lol PandaazAP: i didnt say anything to you ww all game PandaazAP: you are literally lying PandaazAP: when they check the chat logs they can see you are blatantly lying lmao PandaazAP: i beat you in score PandaazAP: what are you on about PandaazAP: you're trolling right? lol i beat you in score and didnt say anything to you all game and u say im toxic and bad PandaazAP: ur a joke man just stop PandaazAP: WOW! more gold? must be good! PandaazAP: get a life loser
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