Inactive for 6 Months, Gets Permanently Banned.

Hi Guys, New Thread here. I've currently been inactive from League of Legends and haven't associated with League of Legends over the course of 6 Months until now of course. You might be wondering what brings me here? Well, I'm glad you asked Jimmy, One morning (Today) I was browsing my emails and I received a wonderful notification that my account had been Permanently Banned for "malicious 3rd party programs or modifications.". Now, that's just ridiculous I thought, I haven't played the game for like 6 months how could I possibly get banned for something I didn't do so I investigated and to my surprise, my account was hacked as there was 2 VERY recent games played within the account. As you could imagine, I Instantly changed every single password on any fourm/program and emails I used. Of course It's too late for my League account sadly, hopefully Support will investigate this. I do not claim to have used any 3rd party programs or modifications towards the game nore have I shared any information of my account information with anyone.
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