Unfairly banned? Ban appeal

UPDATE: The jinx who threatened our entire team, soft int'd and made comments calling us retards and telling us to kill ourselves DIDN'T GET BANNED! Fix your shitty broken report system, you piece of trash company - too focused on killing your game; can't wait till the day your company is filing for bankruptcy and is forced to close off League of Legends. Hello there, so recently I had a ranked match with a jinx adc, who wouldn't stop flaming me and my teammates. At no point in the chat do I feel like anything I said justified a ban - this jinx said some pretty crude things with no intention all game. At one point, with no background comments around it, she told me to "kill myself" too; yet I'm justified a ban? If anyone could clarify this situation, it would be of substantial help. Game 1 Pre-Game HeathereYyIy: tanks HeathereYyIy: tasty sona went supp In-Game HeathereYyIy: garen ward blue plez HeathereYyIy: nvm HeathereYyIy: we cant do anything HeathereYyIy: ok HeathereYyIy: ill gank after first back HeathereYyIy: gave me a heart attack HeathereYyIy: jesus HeathereYyIy: wait\ HeathereYyIy: hmmmmm HeathereYyIy: 7 minutes HeathereYyIy: lol HeathereYyIy: i cant be bothered replying HeathereYyIy: XD HeathereYyIy: reported HeathereYyIy: have fun HeathereYyIy: they blame me HeathereYyIy: coz they suck HeathereYyIy: blames her sup HeathereYyIy: nice score jinx HeathereYyIy: say goodbye to ur acc HeathereYyIy: this jinx HeathereYyIy: flaming everyone HeathereYyIy: so hard HeathereYyIy: its hilarious HeathereYyIy: jinx im gonna carry ur shitttty HeathereYyIy: acc HeathereYyIy: im actually gonna carry this clown HeathereYyIy: and she HeathereYyIy: flames me HeathereYyIy: stfu HeathereYyIy: go afk HeathereYyIy: we dont needu HeathereYyIy: afk HeathereYyIy: plz HeathereYyIy: sona treat me as adc HeathereYyIy: not this clown HeathereYyIy: whos bot HeathereYyIy: and flames HeathereYyIy: flames us HeathereYyIy: uses rockets HeathereYyIy: in short range HeathereYyIy: gonna go in HeathereYyIy: go in plz HeathereYyIy: fkn zed.. HeathereYyIy: this adc HeathereYyIy: is so bad HeathereYyIy: jesus HeathereYyIy: unwinnable with this adc HeathereYyIy: who flames HeathereYyIy: then feeds HeathereYyIy: need ie HeathereYyIy: dont fite HeathereYyIy: jesus christ HeathereYyIy: Fk off rammus HeathereYyIy: b HeathereYyIy: wtf HeathereYyIy: 1/7 HeathereYyIy: stfu HeathereYyIy: u flame all gmae then feed HeathereYyIy: report jinx after this plz HeathereYyIy: will get her banne HeathereYyIy: banned HeathereYyIy: Shes said some bannable sht HeathereYyIy: they cant baron HeathereYyIy: no HeathereYyIy: dont HeathereYyIy: we cant do it.... HeathereYyIy: SWITCH FROM ROCKETS HeathereYyIy: U SPASTIC HeathereYyIy: stfu HeathereYyIy: you've had rockets all game HeathereYyIy: we couldnt end anyways HeathereYyIy: they keep going for baron HeathereYyIy: lmfao HeathereYyIy: b HeathereYyIy: group mid HeathereYyIy: dont get caught HeathereYyIy: plz HeathereYyIy: thats how u throw HeathereYyIy: DO IT HeathereYyIy: dont start it HeathereYyIy: nbait them HeathereYyIy: HELP HeathereYyIy: DONT IDE HeathereYyIy: wtf HeathereYyIy: was that HeathereYyIy: u suck mate HeathereYyIy: u just had to HeathereYyIy: SURVIVE. HeathereYyIy: jesus christ. Post-Game HeathereYyIy: have fun jinx HeathereYyIy: gonna get banned mate
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