Am done - after 7+ Years

WOn't read this so reply if you want, but I'm just venting. RIOT - you screwed up. Your game is no longer a game of fun and challenge. If it DOES occur, its only on the rarest of occasion. I started playing LoL when it was in its infancy. I became a genuine addict. And it WAS fun for a bit. But then it started to get ugly. And its gone HEAVILY down hill now! I get it. You're a company. Not a game. Fun is not your interest. Profit is. Your compeditive scene is designed to make young people who devoted their teenage years to a screen strive for a decent'ish pay day, and in exchange you rake in the millions on billions for your company through merchandise and skin purchases. Its a good system, I give you that. I've worked dealing cards so I know how the gambling system works. And make it "Free-to-Play" encourages players to pay more than would afterwards; despite your genuine statement "everything is free with the new loot system". And again, I agree with you. But the way of your game, it community, its just VILE now! And a lot of it comes from you. Yasuo was meant to be reworked last year - or the process was meant to start. He continues to roam normals, abusing players and encouraging them to get frustrated, which leads to toxicity. The same can be said for many exploitable champs that demolish inexperienced players, who in turn vent their rage on their team mates. Your report system is broken. It doesn't detect how many times a player dies for feeding. It detects how many players REPORTED the feeder for feeding. You are avoiding responsibility by putting it on your players who, I will point out, likely have an average age of 15-17. Your games are TOOO long. There is nothin casual to them. And when things aren't casual, they cease being fun. You could fix that with a simple "Normal Mode Variant" where players who have a KDA of more deaths than kills or assists get NO vote in the surrender, so feeders can't keep their teammates locked prisoner for X more minutes out of some sick sadistic pleasure. You encourage players to be toxic by promoting players such as that Permabanned Draven I heard about recently; letting people know that EVEN if they are the worst players, they can still play the game as there are loopholes everywhere to let it happen. And thing is - you don't realize that ALL of this contributes to hurting us OUTSIDE the game! Every teenager who gets bullied online starts to think that attitude is fine. They see no one getting punished for saying KYS or any number of sexist/ racist terms; or worse they see it as the SAME degree of punishment as feeding. You are teaching no one anything useful here - in fact you are ACTIVELY telling them that mental, racist, sexist, and verbal abuse is on the same level of being sadistic to 9 strangers you were asked to play a game with for 20-60 minutes. When the first teenager kills themselves and write a note saying "League of Legends players told me to cause I wasn't good enough" will that finally be the warning that makes you realize your money making monolith is hurting people? I get it. Its a game. Its JUST a game. But you are allowing bullies, sadists, sickos, racists, pedaphiles, and all manner of vile people roam within ur servers playing their own meta game of "how many people can we make SALTY today?" Make your patches and update ur champs. Its all that you seem fixated on. You don't want to acknowledge the issue at hand, despite people offering you solutions (e.g.: PERMABAN any account that uses any homophobic, racist, hate talk slurs - no exceptions. Have a working staff checking reports to confirm if they are genuine, or if some poor kid was a victim of a team of sociopaths looking for their next target for their sadistic fix). For me I can't do this anymore. I have given you my time, my money, my effort, and I asked for a product that I could enjoy. But my most recent return to it showed me this game is going downhill. For a tactical game, the community is drained of intellect to be mouse click repeating monkeys. For a teamwork game, you punish people who strive to make things work and keep the synergy separated into high school clique mentalities. For a game that preaches honor after games end, anyone with a degree of vision can see you're not in it for the people. Every player is a number to you, and a potential pay check. Only once bad publicity hits you will you maybe take action to fix yourself. World of Warcraft was a giant once. People saw it as impossible to topple. Its already in its final days, struggling for breath, because the game went from fun to fanatic. People were left to their own devices to take action without repercussion. League is at the turning point. The trolls are in your system, the psychos are destroying lives, and you are sitting back counting your coin from the people who thought to try a free sample of your "electronic meth" and found themselves damaged emotionally and mentally from the community it led them into. You could stop the issues and save it now. You COULD focus yourself for 2 months to cracking down with SINCERITY on removing these monsters from the system. You COULD... but like a 5 man vote after 15mins... the chances of it ever happening despite all possibility, is very unlikely. Good luck to you and your company. I enjoyed it. But now... Good luck to you all...
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