Got called the n-word

I was playing arurf and I got bot lane as urgot and my teammate was braum. we were getting pretty badly beaten so I made a call since they were low. I said in chat lets get behind them and he agreed. it didn't go well and he complained that I didn't hit the same person as him while I pinged to go on ahri. he ended up being toxic and stuff. as the game went on he decided to go in against the enemy champs who were doing really well. he fed and then blamed it on me calling me a n****r and threatening my family. tbh he seemed 12 so I explained to him you cant call people the nword and if he said that in high school (I assumed he just got into year 7) he would get beaten up. he shut up after that but it was still a shit thing for him to do im not gonna dox him but im gonna try and find his insta or fb and poston it to his family. that will be funny. should I try and find him or nah?
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