Honour Update - post game screen

I'm really loving this update at the moment. Although it is only recently released, I've already noticed a significant postive change in player behaviour in my games. My only problem with the update is that with a dodgy laptop, my client closes during games to reduce lag. This then has to reboot at the end of the game. I don't at all have a problem with this in itself---it is great for players with lower spectrum computers, and for myself, it is the economically viable way to play League. However by the time I get back into the client, I'm usually flashed the honour screen for about two seconds, and then it times out, and I don't have time to vote for a teammate. This is, as I'm sure you can understand, a little frustrating. Tl;dr: **Would you consider increasing the time to vote for honour until, you, the player, leaves the lobby? ** Thanks, ~Wim Tinton
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