10 Game Chat Restriction

Last night i decided i wanted to play some league of legends. i selected jungle and top. i got into a game with jungle i was very excited to try out some gragas. Another player asked me if i wanted to play support i didnt answer straight away because i opened discord (this is on champion ban period) i banned draven as i always do and have selected gragas to play. this player decides to ban gragas and then i see his message asking me if i want to support just after he picks udyr with smite (and banning my gragas)i then say no im jungle and then he says "to late you didnt reply get some manners" or something along those lines. and his friend who he is queued with, says the same thing this guy is playing top( i know this because they have the same clan tag). i keep saying dont lane steal in pre game. He continues to and says i need to learn some manners. i explain what happened but he wasnt buying any of it. we get into the game. i ask the other team to report this player for lanestealing. he then admits to lanestealing and says it was a misktae but in game he continued to buy jungle items and take my buffs, continues to int feed in the game. this was very frustrating for me. ezreal (the ADC in the game) said he was not having a good time without a support. the udyr who took my jungle insisted i go support leesin. i tell him that udyr is better because he can be tanky and has a stun. ezreal gets mad and leaves the game in anger. i know this because he said "that's it" after udyr died again i think for the fifth time. i have copied what i said in the game with the message that pops up with the a chat restriction. i can give it to staff if they need it, but i dont think it gives an evaluation on the full story. i also can give the name of the player. i would like to be unmuted i was very mad at this player half way through the game i just muted him so i didnt see what he was typing and i would say anything else to him. after the game i told everyone to report him for lane stealing and inting. he has yet to be banned but i am muted. i want to know why he might not be banned; and how or if i can be unmuted. thanks for the help keep it up {{champion:79}} {{item:3070}}
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