14 suspension tell me if worth xD

Game 1 Dota3iscoming: cleanse probs wasn't the best in this atch up Dota3iscoming: no Dota3iscoming: "_" Dota3iscoming: LOL Dota3iscoming: dam Dota3iscoming: that was not the best choice Dota3iscoming: why did you go? Dota3iscoming: ... Dota3iscoming: be ok if you quite winning Dota3iscoming: ^ Dota3iscoming: Ryze ult Dota3iscoming: so what if their jg has been everywhere Dota3iscoming: their top lane has been everywhere Dota3iscoming: you wanna compare? Dota3iscoming: ty Dota3iscoming: yas f Dota3iscoming: Rofl Dota3iscoming: eh Dota3iscoming: got a kill Dota3iscoming: hahhaa Dota3iscoming: I missed my laser Dota3iscoming: ... Dota3iscoming: Rofl Dota3iscoming: yea Dota3iscoming: he no passive Dota3iscoming: ryze has been mid 4 times why arent you here Dota3iscoming: if on;y we have a top lane Dota3iscoming: HHMMM Dota3iscoming: how does that feel like huh? Dota3iscoming: dumbass Dota3iscoming: and you should be calling mia Dota3iscoming: fgt Dota3iscoming: gnar you are an idiot Dota3iscoming: split pushing Dota3iscoming: for what? Dota3iscoming: they have map preasure and he has more tower dmg than you do Dota3iscoming: THEN MIA Dota3iscoming: IF U FONT HAVE TP Dota3iscoming: THGEN MIA Dota3iscoming: SIMPLE Dota3iscoming: FUCK Dota3iscoming: he has more cs than you as well Dota3iscoming: "spli pushing" Dota3iscoming: MIA FFS Dota3iscoming: Gnar you are so useless Dota3iscoming: you cant even split push Dota3iscoming: nor can you win lane Dota3iscoming: and you cant even mia Dota3iscoming: the simplest task of calling MIA Dota3iscoming: holy shit Dota3iscoming: what elo are you Dota3iscoming: B4 Dota3iscoming: holy fuck Dota3iscoming: he is b4 Dota3iscoming: I win lane and then ryze comes mid with no mia call Dota3iscoming: now i loose turret Dota3iscoming: and gnar cant even put preasure in top lane Dota3iscoming: GW IDIOT Dota3iscoming: Pls stop playing the game Dota3iscoming: do everyone in league Dota3iscoming: and stop playing Dota3iscoming: legit Dota3iscoming: nice insult Dota3iscoming: dumbfuck Dota3iscoming: Can we report gnar Dota3iscoming: holy hell Dota3iscoming: worst player ive played with all night Dota3iscoming: Look whos talking Dota3iscoming: holy shit Dota3iscoming: ganr legit just stfu Dota3iscoming: ^ Dota3iscoming: Idiot Dota3iscoming: why would you 3v1 Dota3iscoming: nice split push Dota3iscoming: dumbass Dota3iscoming: so bad Dota3iscoming: B4 Dota3iscoming: what can i espect Dota3iscoming: So you are porud of being in bronze? Dota3iscoming: \this acc is new but im gold 3 on my main Dota3iscoming: 74 LP Dota3iscoming: lol Dota3iscoming: getting that boder ayye? Dota3iscoming: KDA is not all that matters in game Dota3iscoming: only a bronze would say that Dota3iscoming: clearly you are one Dota3iscoming: Thjis gnar is retarded Dota3iscoming: gg My main got banned about 5 months ago was in gold 3 and am just trying o climb back up and i meet this gnar who never roams, no map pressure, no top pressure, claims he is split pushing, looses lane and blames the team....what the hell. We have a bard jg and all he did was harres him so ofc i told him off ( Half the things said in this were a repeat of what gnar said to make sure he knew how it felt when he is the one getting harres ) Yea i was toxic who wouldn't be lol that gnar was a straight up idiot lol and it seemed like i wasn't the only one who thought that lol. Don't care what comments but eh point whatever seemed toxic to you lol, seems like i'll be playing overwootch for a while
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