I Am Quiting League Of Legends (Atleast For Now)

So ive spent a number of years on the rift and currently i cant find this game fun to the point i want to play it each day infact the only reason why i still play is it becuase well ive spent to much money to quit now thats why my leave is not long so i got banned just today for 14 days and im aware of what i did wrong and this has lead me to belive that playing league will only make me more toxic for i just dont like moba's and never really have or corse i will always watch and follow the lcs and oce championships but im not going to be playing the game more often so ive come to the realisation that i like fps games more so ive today brought and am going to start playing overwatch and csgo i just posted this to say sorry to all those people ive put down in this game im trash sorry about that and to riot thanks for all the good times ive had with friends on this game i know that if you werent owned by tencent you would be so much better than you currently are so this is me quiting leage (Atleast For Now) -Complex Link. P.S- Im toxic trash
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