is this ban deserved?

Literally worked my way up for two months after a 2 week ban to finally get honour Level 2 again only to get perma banned ror this. Surely this is not worth perma. so fkn frustrating partcurarly seeing i spent money on thus game for the fitst time 2 days before Game 1 In-Game Shmalness: no Shmalness: too late Shmalness: welp gg Shmalness: mid too bad Shmalness: dont say gg when its ur fault Shmalness: 30 CS WTF Shmalness: ff 15 Shmalness: we lose Shmalness: lux has 35 cs Shmalness: no Shmalness: lmao open bot Shmalness: 1-7 lux with 36 cs report me btw Shmalness: report me btw Shmalness: oops lagged Shmalness: this is why ur bronze Shmalness: report eve Shmalness: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH EVE IS SO BAD Shmalness: U R SO BAD EVE Shmalness: morg dance with me Shmalness: hahahaha eve so bad Shmalness: 1v1ed by a sup Shmalness: terrible Shmalness: .ff Shmalness: pls get me out Shmalness: jfc lux's is disgusting Shmalness: gg guys Shmalness: end pls Shmalness: you got carried Shmalness: thought youd be able to win a 2v4

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