Division 4 of any rank is the most garbage, toxic, unfun period of this game.

I'm 99.99% sure 80% of my games are spent in each div 4, trying to get out. 1) Placed in Iron II - Like, okay, Riot, I went 9/1 in placement games 2) Breezed through Iron II and Iron I 3) Got promoted 4) Got stuck at Silver IV 5) Eventually got out 6) Breezed through Silver III, Silver II, and Silver I 7) Got promoted 8) Stuck in Gold IV 9) Eventually got out 10) Breezed through Gold III, Gold II, and Gold I 11) Got promoted - I was getting 27LP per win, losing 11 12) Get Platinum IV 13) Win a game... 19 LP 14) Lose a game... -18 LP 15) What? 16) Look at my stats... 58% winrate. Feels a bit weird 17) Win streak of three... 56 LP 18) Four leavers in a row... 0 LP 19) Twenty games latter, still in the same place, same win/loss ratio as I am going even, but not climbing due to skewed LP gains 20) Been in Platinum IV for about 90 games now, never making it to promos due to leavers, boosted players, AFKers, inters. Like Gold IV and Silver IV, no one knows how to play the game and are insanely cocky 21) Gain 16 LP on a win, lose 19 LP 22) Where is the nearest bridge? 23) Elo hell does not exist, but this is the garbage dump of ranked
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