Getting kind of pissed

I've been trying to teach my friend Laurice how to play League of Legends for around 2 days now. The 1st game I babysat her and she did great. Next I told her to play some intermediate bots while I was gone. So she did. AND TWO GAMES IN A ROW SHE GOT FEEDERS. **IN BOTS.** I'm not sure if they were trolling or just somehow feeding bots. It pissed me off because it was hard for her to learn, hard for her to pull off combos and late game hard for her to even just cs. The bots were too fed and even started towerdiving just to kill them. She sent me these two screenshots. Sorry for the rant but I just had to get it out there. Game 1: Game 2: (Bonus) Game where I babysat:
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