Riot should ban these people

Or at least penalty Based on what i experienced yesterday at ranked in BRONZE~SILVER 1. Jungle wanted to start top side jungle camps. and Top swear to Jungle to start bottom side, and the Top act like he's leashing and took red. -> Jungle X Top swear & argue each other by at the end of the game, Mid AFK 2. We were loosing but still could've take down. but the Jungler start to swear and act like he's given up. "i'm done." "gg" "gg" "gg" till the end (same jungle above, second game yea, met him twice in a row). which makes teammates frustrating and don't want to play. I really wanted to say something like, "that's why you are bronze forever." But didn't mention anything.. :P 3. Pick nunu and following Jungler all the time to troll, then our mid, who is jungler's best friend, running around the whole map and feed. never been to bronze game before, and it's really frustrating thing. I heard these things before, but having a REAL EXPERIENCE is much more than i thought.
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