two games in a row when we lost around the 20-minute mark because someone fed their lane opponent so hard that they couldn't be fought against unless 1v5ing, and even that didnt work. First game i had there was a bloody stupid Illaoi who fed their lane opponent yasuo and he destroyed the first turret at legit the 8 minute mark. Tried to beat him but by then he was 12-0 and unbeatable considering I was 2-0 at level 7 and he was at level 12 already. We lost at 18:00. Second game we had a feeding Teemo and Sona. The Teemo refused to leash (but the sona did) and he said he needed to be "behind enemy lines" Got killed before we finished leashing. Eventually, the varus and poppy destroyed the first turret and teemo was blaming it on me *mid lane yasuo* for not ganking, even tho it was yi not ganking. by then the teemo was 0/9. This Dumbass teemo let them get the second turret 5 minutes later, and he was 0/13/0 and he was flaming me for EVERYTHING. We lost because this varus was 23/0 cause of teemo (sona was alright though.)
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