Perma Ban UpLift?

I Have been Perma Banning for having toxic behaviour and would like to be giving one more chance as this is my escape from real life as I am being bullied due to a mental illness and am having numerous problems in life real due to this. I know what i said was bad and disgusting and i should have never said such a thing.I know that doesn't justify anything but this game has been a way for me and my family to connect as my uncle and brother and cousins all play with me including all the friends I've gotten in to the game. I would like to be giving one more chance and have my ban changed to a 2 week suspects. As me my family and friends who all play league of legends have been searching for the past 2 day for a way to help me get un-ban and it has been unsuccessful this is why i am asking from the bottom of my heart to give me one chance. As I will change to become a better player for the community. I know all the other Un Ban me forums say the same thing. The lesson I've learnt has been a good one and i am willing to change to better the community for all league of legends players. I have summited a ticket to riot (Link above) with my request to be un-ban. Please give me one chance to show that it is possible for toxic players to change if we are given a chance I know riot has giving chances before in the past with only 5% of players actual changing to better the community and i know i can become one of those 5% of players. As i really don't want to lose my stuff that i've spent lots of time earning and buying. Even if you can give me some advice on where to look or who to contact so i can sent a video with me apologising for my behaviour i would really be grateful for it. Thank you to the rioter who will be reading this and sorry in advance if this is just a waste of your time. Game 1 DrHaxs: %%%%%%s i hate those guy DrHaxs: guys DrHaxs: %%% lol DrHaxs: thanks for running in and sucking our cocks DrHaxs: hec is on my friends list and he said he will feed us every now and then to boost our score DrHaxs: lol n00b DrHaxs: thanks hec DrHaxs: im glad i added you DrHaxs: veigar ya dad's petite d*ck is broken DrHaxs: lol ez az DrHaxs: ez pz japa nez DrHaxs: their team is pretty bad DrHaxs: tbh DrHaxs: n00b DrHaxs: if only our team wasn't shit this would be super ez DrHaxs: ez dont need help %%%s DrHaxs: piss off %%%s DrHaxs: lol n00b DrHaxs: gg shit team DrHaxs: oh wait both teams are shit lol DrHaxs: besides me and ez DrHaxs: ez said he doesnt care DrHaxs: me and ez are premade %%%s xd DrHaxs: lol shows how crap of a adc you are ashe refund skin please DrHaxs: lol ashe is trash DrHaxs: lol so salty DrHaxs: lol ez DrHaxs: ashe get a decend comeback before you type in all chat DrHaxs: oh wait i forgot its the school holidays DrHaxs: ivern is better then ashe which says something XD DrHaxs: ashe is trash DrHaxs: learn to ult ashe DrHaxs: jesus ez's back must be broken from carrying this trash fucking shit team DrHaxs: gg ksing voli DrHaxs: what a nerd like ashe DrHaxs: when you are so bad you need a 4 man top DrHaxs: on 1 xDXDXDXDXD DrHaxs: i know i fucked ashe's mum DrHaxs: nerd DrHaxs: get good DrHaxs: refund your skin like ashe should DrHaxs: yeah but i have to beat ya mum every now and then
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