New Method Required

Hello Riot and dear players; Lately I have been experiencing a unpleasant gamming experience I do not know if it is only with me, but What I do know is that some action must be taken. There are various gamming modes to play, and there is "ARAM" (All Random All Mid) wich i Do play a lot. Lately my gamming experience has been decreasing regarding the "afk" or the " I do not want this champion" issue well... It is aram so... it is onlynormal, and the afk issue it is not getting anywhere. I do Think that a method of slowly decrease that number is by applying a new rule " 1 day lock" of the game, the person might have more accounts ok, but if the issue persists it will be locked on the other ones as well, the persons who say " it is only aram" well, It is not only aram it is a game mode, a round, something that yyou should be taken seriously like a 5v5 because it is a 5v5 as well. I think that a 1 day lock from the client would result a better experience, as well as the reports that have been rising this would be a thing to make players more alerted, in my opinion. Let me know what do you think of this method please? I know it must be though, but it is something that toghether we could make it put like the "old" league of legends game were. wich was Perfect. Let me know your ideas ! Mereshadows {{champion:150}} "Gnar NHAR NAHR!!"

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