Can't believe I found someone this toxic low level...

Made a Rakan only account because he's my main and I felt like it, levelling it up had to go rakan mid as no one else wanted the lane. One team fight late game, I fail to save Cait (she isnt kiteing very well and I've already used all my abilities, not much I can do) Flames me for being a support and not saving her, ah well. Whatever. Post game.... just look at this chat log (I changed the name so it says CAIT when the toxic person typed) I reported them so hopefully action is taken soon but damn... I just never expected to find this sort of toxicity when there's so many new players low level. I feel bad that the person I qued with, they are actually newish to the game and they had to deal with this. Just goes to show toxicity is at all levels... I just imagine if I was a new player and I failed to shield her in time and she flamed me, I think that'd turn me off the game. I was lucky enough to have friends to play with so I never had to deal with strangers toxicity until higher levels but not everyone is the same. Just surprised to find its so bad at low levels where new players have to start, posting to bring awareness to it I guess idk Erall0: gg guys Everyone on your team honored a teammate! You got a little extra Honor progress this game. RaKañye West: gg wp RaKañye West: idk why cait so toxic Mattee: haha Mattee: yea RaKañye West: i cant shield her when my e on cooldown lol Mattee: rip on cars4: drAven Mattee: dw about her RaKañye West: ah well gg wp guys Mattee: ??? cars4: I want draven soo bad Mattee: im a bad draven CAIT: u r rakan cars4: Cause of T1 CAIT: and u told me u could not supp cars4: T1 made me Mattee: first draven game with humans Mattee: lol CAIT that is the fun part RaKañye West: I didnt say that.... RaKañye West: what RaKañye West: i said i would go mid CAIT: r u telling funny story or wat RaKañye West: cuz no one else wanted it cars4: Gg guys RaKañye West: Im not gonna build support items in a solo lane RaKañye West: gg CAIT: that is stupid of u cars4 left the lobby Erall0: u pushed your way into bot i had to go to top u had a sook about everything just not a team player RaKañye West: i had 3 kills RaKañye West: by like 5 mins RaKañye West: lol RaKañye West: better than u RaKañye West: and im not even meant to do damage CAIT: u r better than me CAIT: that is another joke RaKañye West: dude ur trash toxic CAIT: ok, i am trash Erall0: just trash CAIT: i am toxic RaKañye West: clearly CAIT: u r best CAIT: ok? CAIT: fair> RaKañye West: just enjoy ur report i give u RaKañye West: c: Erall0: same CAIT: oh thank you RaKañye West: keep being toxic and u will get a lot more <3 CAUT: uselss count CAIT: i wish ur mother die CAIT: and ur family die RaKañye West: lol RaKañye West: why would u say that RaKañye West: when u know RaKañye West: im reporting u CAIT: because i hope so RaKañye West: XD CAIT: that mkes me happy RaKañye West: riot will now ban you easier lollllllllllll Erall0: just copied the text and added it to the report CAIT: u had report on me Erall0: :) CAIT: so nothing stop me saying watever i want to RaKañye West: hahaha i cant belive they flamed RaKañye West: when they knew we report CAIT: maybe ur mother already died RaKañye West: these players so dumb CAIT: u better check about her RaKañye West: play another ashe? CAIT: she might be dying now
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