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So just been going into solo/duo ranked (b3 now) and playing meme champs. Not feeding most of the time unless its a legit shit machup. The amount of people raging (both sides) at my troll picks and how I am normally either doing ok or really well with them is amusing.
As linked above I made a post earlier in the year stating I intentionally troll in game and bait team mates. I have continued to do so since that post. I decided to contact riot support a couple of times regarding it. I will post correspondence in next post's. TLDR they banned me for saying %%%% in 3 games, and did not even mention the fact that I admitted to trolling. They do not care that I troll and bait my team mates constantly. This is proof of how fucked the report system is. A player can say KYS or %%%% and get an instant 14 day ban, while another player can troll, bait team mates, steal roles in ranked, and get no punishment at all.
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