how do i get banned for this?

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i have been trying to reform for about two months. i joined a BLIND pick game for some causal fun like you do because its a VIDEO game call top on MY screen (which they still have YET to fix the bug to see who typed first) i got top but apparently the nasus got top so im like okay well i guess ill jg then because every other lane is taken in which they are already spamming in all chat "report fiora lane stealing" (i took smite so that i could jg) as soon as i get into the with smite the defualt items for fiora are dorans blade and health pot so out of instinct i go out of fountain immediately with them not realising that i need my jungle item head straight to red buff... as i realise that i need my jungle item i quickly recall to see if i can afford it with selling my dorans blade unfortunately i cannot so i head to the toplane which is nasus v nasus (blind pick) because if i do jg i will get no xp and die from the monsters because im fiora (only untill i can afford my item (hunters mache)) in which Immediately spam pinged to go away i tell him taht i cannot jungle untill i have my item so i need to stay here for a little bit so i don't get too behind we shove in the nasus which makes him lose 70% of the farm in where my Nasus gets most of it at 350 gold i recall to get my hunters mache and head to my red buff do my red to my wolves go to my blue and find Udyr their fortunately me and Nasus can kill him landing nasus first blood increasing his lead... 15 mins in Nasus is down 60 cs and died two times and starts immediately bashing me like it was my fault and my team soon follows him in it desperately trying to prove my innocence just makes them hate me even more... Never swore didnt flame anyone got 9x reported for verbal harassment or something honestly dont know what to do now ;/
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