Why do they dare not admit their mistakes?

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I am not local and native English speaker. But I like playing this game. When I lost my ranked game. I like to watch the replay and summarize the good and bad during my play, trying to improve my skills. However, I cannot understand what are those players in my team thinking when they ruined the game. It seems they never feel sorry for making deadly mistakes. I tried to aske them or point out the mistake they made. Then they just turned out to insult and blame me. What the hell is this? I cannot understand? Do they dare not admit the mistakes? Or are they just too soft to admit the mistakes? I know everyone could make mistakes. But some mistakes are vital and deadly to lose the game. For example, my last game as taric support. The jungle Rengar, at very late game, ulted in the bush (without any ward) and then fed the enemy team. At this moment, baron was just ready. We were a bit ahead of the enemy team, this jungle rushed in, the rest of my team were all following instead of me. I pinged countless times to let the rest fall back when jgler died. They did not listen to me. So I went in, I cast a perfect ult, then we were aced because of very bad position. I do not know what is rengar thinking, does he feel ashamed or sorry for losing the game due to his very big mistake? I cannot understand. If those players who make vital mistakes lost the game, then why cannot I point out this? This is not blame I think. I had fed some games as well, I know I could have bad games, but I admit that. Sometimes I am just not skilled enough to win.

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