Lost exp and rewards due to "Inactive Behaviour"

I just got punished for "opening" and not resisting the enemy pushing because and here comes the story; Our adc twitch took red buff with poison, so our kha didn't int but griefed bot lane by stealing cs and 3 man laning forcing twitch to eventually have to leave lane and try become the teams jungler so we had some hope of winning. Because of this My maokai into Nasus was doomed without jungle pressure he got 170 stacks in 10 minutes admittedly not my best performance but it essentially meant the game was an unwinnable 4v5 in which we tried to surrender but Kha blocked it. We tried everything sucked up to him for so long its unreal and he never said anything, we offered to help him jungle or to leash him some camps but either he refused to communicate, or just muted us all the moment it happened. This is just ridiculous IMO why am I being punished for trying to get to the next game as fast as possible when someone else just essentially inted
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