Reporting an actual troll

Hey today I had a disgusting experience while playing ranked, first I had a game and the enemy supp was a cho and feed he pretty much will not do absolutely anything, he keeps saying he is just having a bad game bla bla bla, still I reported him for inting eventhough he was on the other team because it wasn't even fun to win a game like that, then for the disgrace on me, he was in my team next game, i didnt realize it was him but as soon as the game started I got it, he picked nasus supp, afk for 2 30 mins before we could remake, then he afk for 5 mins under tower getting killed and as soon as he spawns he will go under tower stay still and get killed. This is clearly a troll, I have some footage of both games I am wondering to who should i send this to because is not fair that ppl is actually going back in divisions and losing lp because of ppl like him, I rather have him flaming me or pin marking me but actually playing or at least trying than he just staying under turret going ap nasus and just wondering around the base. This is his summoners name just in case any of you guys has the disgrace of finding him, the troll goes under the name of Dangerous You pls report him if he keeps behaving like this, just really ruins the game for everyone
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