Pre-season provisionals: Trolls and baddies are making a come back

I don't get it. Before the 2016 season ended, I was climbing from S5 to S3 with relative ease, winning games back to back and on winning streaks. Come the new patch and provisionals, and I've been getting matched with what seems like people who don't know how to play the game and trolls. As though all the baddies and trolls who gave up playing during the mid year and end year come back for the pre-season. Tell me your thoughts and matches. I've seen this kind of trend every year, and with the tribunal gone, well toxicity ain't gonna get any better. The tribunal was like a court room back then, dishing out justice where it was needed. Now we have a robot take over for a court room, can you believe it if they tried that in real life? Riot, get your game on and give power back to the players.
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